When you're looking for organic in cutlery, pipes, or fine silver jewelry, Remember RechaSmiths is the name and purity in collectible, functional art is our game.

Our prices are determined on the cost of materials, time involved, and when it comes to the Recha Blades quality and size are also a determining factor. For example if I don't spend alot of time polishing a blade that is not to have a hammer finish, I will lower the price. The amount of time spent making embellishments also affects the price. 

As for payment methods, if you proceed to purchase on this page it will take you to paypal. For those of you who would like to pay via pony express, we do accept money orders or cashiers checks within the USA.We also accept pure silver or gold from a reputable mint (not hand poured or homemade.) If you want to pay with silver or gold, contact me prior to purchase. Contact us and we'll arrange your order. Thank you.


We've had some customers who asked us if we had a layaway plan.  Yes, we do. If you'd like to purchase any of our products using the layaway plan, first contact us and we'll arrange payments. After payments are received in full, you will receive your product. If for some reason however, you're unable to complete the payments we will send you something of equal value of payments received of $100 or over. If you mailed us less than $100.00 we will return your money less paypal fees or postage. The layaway plan is not available for custom orders. Thank you. 


We endeavor to keep our prices at bare minimum. Believe me, we're not getting rich. Ask yourself, is it worth paying a little more in order to keep traditions like this alive versus paying less for something mass produced with little talent. You, the consumer, enable us to keep these trades alive in the USA. Thank you.