When you're looking for organic in cutlery, pipes, or fine silver jewelry, Remember RechaSmiths is the name and purity in collectible, functional art is our game.

 Some might be curious what type of steel we use for our knives. All of our steel is high carbon unless otherwise noted, we use new  USA tool steel and all of our knives are forged in coal.Some might ask do we ship outside of the USA? Yes, we have, however some countries have postal restrictions on the knives. Please contact me before you purchase and we'll discuss this issue along with shipping. Note: we have shipped to Spain, Hong Kong, France to name a few. Some have asked what type of silver do we produce our jewelry from. All of our silver is .999 fine. We hand chisel our jewelry out of solid certified .999 fine silver bars, loafs and rounds. Upon request we accompany a photo essay of this process so you the patron are able to see the process from start to finish.

The sky is the limit on what we can do with your tobacco pipes. Everything we sell comes with a Recha "R". We do mark the silver with .999 FS. We can even date or put your name or initial on your item.

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