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For those of you who have been following our work, you might say, it looks like a new moon. Well, be it that we are cutting hay, I decided to make a mini scythe because we cut hay with a scythe. This is a beautiful piece. It's a rustic beauty and an original Recha Blade design. It's hammered out of the best high carbon steel. Yes, it's a secret. This blade sharpens nicely. The length of the blade measuring straight across is 6 1/2" but measuring the circumference, it measures just over 9". 5 1/4" from the tip down is double edged. It comes with hand chiseled wheat, or you might say native prairie grass on the face and a hand chiseled Recha "R" on the back. The thickness at the base, on the top of the blade is 1/8" and about 1/16" thicker as it goes to the center. The width of the blade at the base is 3/4". This blade was made using no high technology, hammered into shape by hand and lightly touched with a sharpening stone. It has a needle point tip and will shave a hair off the leg if you so desire. The handle is hand carved osage orange and measures 6 1/8" long. The vine wraps were applied while red hot. It fits any size hand just fine and would work well in the kitchen or as a collectors piece in your knife gallery. The sheath is native tanned. It comes with a deer antler button, 1 1/2" belt loop and alot of fringe. Xmas Sale!!

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