When you're looking for organic in cutlery, pipes, or fine silver jewelry, Remember RechaSmiths is the name and purity in collectible, functional art is our game.


Quotes I am the proud papa of the Nature Boy 2 knife (you can see pictures of him on this site). I am amazed with the skill level and craftsmanship used in making this knife, not only is it an extremely functional knife, it is also a work of art. I noticed in another satisfied customers post the use of the word heirloom, I agree 100%, this is a knife that is worthy of being passed down from generation to generation, I am just thankful to be its keeper until that time comes. To say I recommend RechaSmiths would be an understatement, I truly feel sorry for anyone that doesn't own a piece of their work. If you're on the fence about purchasing from them, don't be, you have my word you will be more than happy with your purchase. Thank you RechaSmiths for making such an amazing knife. Quotes
Peoud Papa from Tenn says

Quotes I asked John to make me a pipe. He created a work of art in silver and wood. It gives me pleasure to look at, delight to hold and joy to smoke. I sit in the garden,smoke my pipe and think good thoughts. It is a fine thing. More power to his arm. Quotes
Peace Pipe Dreamer.

Quotes I just received two knives with sheaths. beautiful knives and sheaths! Rechasmiths is like dealing with an artisan company of one hundred-one hundred fifty years ago; exquisite attention to detail; wonderful craftsmanship, and dealing with the spirit of a fine and honorable craftsman, not just a seller. Thank you, rechasmiths! Quotes
m. katz
pleased customer

Quotes Quality work from a family business in America, what more could you want. It is refreshing to see people run a business based on hand made craftmanship and products made with pride. Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes John created 3 great knives for m, the knives feel magical in your hand perfect balance, a lot of thought is put in his works of art he's a wizard with the hammer pouding character into the steel. Makes great pipes best smoking pipe ever had, smooth and tasty, John is also a wonderful human being... Quotes
Ron panton

Quotes John... Danny Brock here... My 3 3/8" bade, 4" handle, paring knife arrived today. Once again you have left me in awe that a human being could produce, by hand, such a wonderful instrument. And the fact that you and I designed it over the phone and internet is great! Kind of the ole' fashioned way... voice to voice. Thank you for the custom touches. The file marks that you left in the steel, and the handle is perfectly comfortable. The balance is just as fine. Bless you dear friend. I'm sure you will be making me more! Danny Quotes
Danny Brock
Custom paring knife

Quotes I found John whilst looking at metal forging and steel pounding sites for functional tools and art pieces. I love using hand made items. I admire the men and women that produce such one of a kind objects. I was impressed with John and ordered a "Penny Knife" to try things out. My knife arrived yesterday and my expectations were exceeded! John IS a gift and John HAS a gift. I will be getting with you, John, to design my wife's new paring knife! Blessings... Danny Brock, Bountiful, Utah Quotes
Danny Brock
Expectations exceeded!

Quotes Oh my goodness I really want the"Alibaba" for my collection "Mr.Gus" maybe we can do some bartering???? But I don't know of anything that I've got that you might want/need.... :( P.S. What state r living n right now... I'd really like to come see u & ur wife. If y'all don't mind& r u on Facebook???? I'm on there as Shawn Boggs if u would rather b a bit more discreet...... GOD Bless you. Much respect from Georgia !!!! Quotes
Owner the lion knives

Quotes I bought this knife for my husbands birthday. First of all the craftsmanship is is definately an heirloom piece for sure. Second of all Rechasmiths cares about their customers, they had no problem letting me layaway this item, I mean who does that anymore? My husband was completely stoked when he got it. Thanks for such an incredible piece of functional art. Shalom ~Maggy~ one extremely happy customer! Quotes
Gypsy Maggy
Incredible Knife

Quotes Great stuff. Much better than in person than I would have imagined. With a bonus knife, quick shipping ,and A hand written letter from the man himself. This was a great to open. Quotes